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Public Budgets for Culture in the EU During Financial Crisis: An Econometric Perspective

Tale članek bo drug teden predstavljen v Montrealu na osrednji konferenci združenja kulturnih ekonomistov ACEI.

Tole je angleški povzetek. Ko bo kaj več časa, morda napišem še kaj več na to temo.

The article analyses whether EU countries use similar cultural financing strategies during crisis as they use in economically successful years. To provide an answer to the question we evaluate the following main hypothesis: “Effects of the financial crisis were reflected in the cuts in general, central and local budgets for culture.” To estimate it we use methods from multivariate analysis (hierarchical and K-means clustering, principal components analysis), and panel data regression analysis (static and dynamic models). Due to the endogenous (reverse-causal) nature of relationship between central and local budgets in culture that has so far not been modelled, explained and econometrically tested, we also use panel VAR methodology to resolve and estimate the consequences of this relationship. We use dataset from Eurostat according to COFOG methodology. It has to be noted that this is one of the first (or perhaps the first) econometric analyses of public budgets for culture and their determinants in the EU and in general.

We are able to establish three main findings: 1) during the period 2008-2011 in 13 studied European countries cuts in cultural budgets as measured from deviations to the trend were present on both central as well as local level (somewhat contrary to what was established by previous study of Čopič et al., 2013); 2) the patterns of cuts in the cultural budgets have not always followed cultural policy characteristics of the studied countries; 3) there indeed exists a reverse-causal relationship among central and local cultural budgets – raising the central cultural budget will also raise the local cultural budgets, while, on the other hand, raising of the local cultural budgets will have minor if not negative effects on the level of central cultural budget. This has important policy consequences and has to be verified and tested in future empirical studies.

P.S.: Powerpoint predstavitev z nekaj najnovejšimi korekcijami in dopolnili najdete tukaj.

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