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How did the Chinese contemporary art system develop 1989-2015 – in 21 pictures

Dear all,

this post will be in English. It is related to some of the fascinating material/data I’m working with for an article with Marilena Vecco and Simeng Chang – the data are based on the Artlinkart data encompassing what should be all the exhibitions of contemporary art in Chinese museums and galleries in the period 1989-2015.

Although still very preliminary and prone to mistakes, here is at least some visual information on the development of this system over the years – the work was done in Pajek software, it is a so-called two-mode (temporal) network, where on the left of its picture are the museums and galleries and on the right the exhibiting artists/artist groups.

I hope it will provide you some pleasure in observing – again, please note the article is still in preliminary phase.

Year 1989:

Year 1990:

Year 1996:

Year 1997:

Year 1998:

Year 2000:

Year 2001:

Year 2002:

Year 2003:

Year 2004:

Year 2005:

Year 2006:

Year 2007:

Year 2008:

Year 2009:

Year 2010:

Year 2011:

Year 2012:

Year 2013:

Year 2014:

Year 2015:

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