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The story of Chinese contemporary art system 1989-2015 (in many pictures)

Zapisano pod: miks — andee - 14.07.2017

This is a continuation of the post few weeks ago. But let the pictures simply speak for themselves, they quite accurately and in detail describe the development of Chinese contemporary art system, going over the months in this case.

Again, all the pictures are from an upcoming article with Marilena Vecco and Simeng Chang, still in a preliminary phase, to be presented in a more developed form at EUSN Mainz and Applied Statistics Bled, both in September.

Year 1989:

Year 1990:

Year 1996:

Year 1997:

Year 1998:

Year 2000:

Year 2001:

Year 2002:

Year 2003:

Year 2004:

Year 2005:

Year 2006:

Year 2007:

Year 2008:

Year 2009:

Year 2010:

Year 2011:

Year 2012:

Year 2013:

Year 2014:

Year 2015:

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