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Nekaj makroekonomskih utrinkov za študente 1. letnika EF

Zapisano pod: Ekonomija, Makroekonomija — andee - 28.03.2014

Tole gradivo (izbor kratkih člankov) v priponki sem pred kakim mesecem zbral v namene seminarjev študentov z EF, morda bo komu zanimivo:
Seznam člankov po vrstnem redu:
1) D.M. King & M.J. Mazzota – Ecosystem Valuation
2) Davide Furceri, Prakash Loungani: Who let the Gini out? Searching for sources of inequality
3) Giovanni D’Alessio, Romina Gambacorta, Giuseppe Ilardi: Are Germans poorer than other Europeans? The principal Eurozone differences in wealth and income
4) Michael Bordo, Christopher M. Meissner: Does inequality lead to a financial crisis?
5) Robert Skidelsky: The Influence of the Great Depression on Keynes’ General Theory
6) Uneasy Money Blog: Who’s Afraid of Say’s Law?
7) R. Dorfman: Thomas Robert Malthus and David Ricardo
8 ) Johan Norberg: The Questionable Search for a Happiness Index
9) Eugenio Proto, Aldo Rustichini: GDP and life satisfaction: New evidence
10) Christopher D. Carroll: Consumption and Saving: Theory and Evidence
11) Katie Farrant, Mika Inkinen, Magda Rutkowska, Konstantinos Theodoridis: What can company data tell us about financing and investment decisions?
12) Daniel Carroll: Private Fixed Investment’s Recovery: Not So Bad After All
13) Volker Wieland: Fiscal Stimulus and the Promise of Future Spending Cuts
14) Dean Baker: Fiscal Policy, the Long-Term Budget, and Inequality
15) Menzie Chinn: Fiscal Multipliers
16) Robert J. Barro: Government Spending Is No Free Lunch
17) Ayako Saiki, Sunghyun Henry Kim: How the euro synchronised EZ cycles
18) Biagio Bossone: On Economic Rationality, Bubbles, and Macroprudence
19) Charles I. Plosser: Monetary Policy and a Brightening Economy
20) T. Duy: Yellen’s Debut as Chair
21) Jens Christensen: When Will the Fed End Its Zero Rate Policy?
22) Jean Ross: What makes a tax system fair?
23) Risaburo Nezu: Abenomics and Japan’s Growth Prospects
24) Regine Adele Ngono Fouda: Protectionism and Free Trade: A Country‘s Glory or Doom?
25) Michael Boehm: Job polarisation and the decline of middle-class workers’ wages
26) Paul Krugman: How complicated does the model have to be?
27) Simon Wren-Lewis: The return of schools of thought in macroeconomics
28) Jonathan Portes: Fiscal policy: What does ‘Keynesian’ mean?
29) M. Henry Linder, Richard Peach, and Robert Rich: The Long and Short of It: The Impact of Unemployment Duration on Compensation Growth
30) Jérémie Cohen-Setton: Blogs review: The employment to population ratio – does the drop in unemployment represent a genuine improvement in the US labor market?
31) Ben S.Bernanke: Deflation: Making Sure “It” Doesn’t Happen Here
32) Mickey Levy: Clarifying the debate about deflation concerns
33) Michele Battisti, Gianfranco di Vaio, Joseph Zeira: A new look at global growth convergence and divergence
34) Prakash Loungani: Are Jobs and Growth Still Linked?
35) Michael Spence: The Real Challenges to Growth
36) Simon Wren-Lewis: Monetary versus Fiscal: an odd debate
37) Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson: Democracy vs. Inequality

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