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Nekaj videov s področja ekonometrije, najdete jih tudi tukaj, urejeni so po letih.

Econometrics of Matching (Econometrics Journal Special Session)

Chaired by Jaap Abbring, Tilburg University

Estimating Transfer Frictions in the Marriage Market:
By Alfred Galichon; Sciences Po
Presented by: Alfred Galichon, Sciences Po

Multidimensional Skills, Sorting and Human Dimension Calculation
By Jeremy Lise, UCL and IFS and
Fabien Postel-Vinay, UCL, IFS and SciencePo
Presented by Jeremy Lise. UCL and IFS

Large Dimensional Models

Monday 7th April 2014 Including: Dynamic Factors and Volatilities in Panel Data by Matteo Barigozzi, London School of Economics and Marc Hallin, ECARES, Universite Libre de Bruxelles and ORFE, Princeton University and Large Panel Test of Factor Pricing Models by Jianqing Fan, Princeton University with Yuan Liao and Jiawei Yao.


Chaired by Richard Smith, University of Cambridge
Speakers: Yuichi Kitamura, Yale and Stephane Bonhomme, CEMFI

Discussant: Lars Nesheim, UCL

(RES 2012 Annual Conference Cambridge – Special Session=

Econometrics of Forecasting

Raffaella Giacomini (UCL) : Economic Theory and Forecasting
Slide Pages: 1 – 18
Timing: 49sec – 35min

Siem Jan Koopman (Free University Amsterdam) : Likelihood-Based Dynamic Factor Analysis for Measurement and Forecasting
Slide Pages: 19 – 24
Timing: 35min 37sec – 73min

Brendan McCabe (University of Liverpool) : Discussion
Slide Pages: 24 – 25
Timing: 73min 14sec – 84min 37sec

(RES 2011 Annual Conference Royal Holloway – Special Session)

Nonparametric Identification: Current Issues and Problems

Rosa L Matzkin (UCLA) : Identification in nonseparable models using shape restrictions
Slides: 35 – 155
Timing: 14min – 47min

Andrew Chesher (UCL) : Identification with multidimensional heterogeneity
Slides: 119 – 183
Timing: 48min – 1h 26min

Victor Chernozhukov (MIT) : Discussion
Slides: 186 – 202
Timing: 1h 27min – 1h 40min

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